The Complete Field Player:Mastering All Positions

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What's Included In

The Complete Field Player:Mastering All Positions...


Tactical Introduction

In the Tactical Introduction module, players will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tactics and tactical terms of the game. They will learn key words, actions, and general game scenarios that will enhance their overall tactical awareness and decision-making on the field. This module sets the foundation for a well-rounded and intelligent player.

  • Key words concepts and actions in soccer
  • Understanding specific game scenarios
  • Enhance tactical awareness and decision making skills

    You’ll finish this lesson with a complete understand of the tactical terms used in the game. 

Positional Overview

The Positional Overview module focuses on the specific roles and responsibilities of each position on the field. Players will delve into the nuances of playing in different positions, understanding the specific skills, movements, and decision-making required for each role. This module enables players to develop a versatile skill set and adapt to various positions as needed.

  • Specific roles and responsibilities of each position on the field
  • Nuances of playing in different positions and the required skills
  • Adapting to various positions and becoming a versatile player

You’ll finish this module knowing exactly how to play your position. 


Education on the 4 Components

In this module, players will receive in-depth education on the four essential components of soccer needed for each position: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological. Each component will have video examples of what a player should do in each component for their position. This module equips players with the knowledge to optimize their training and maximize their potential.

  • Psychological component: Developing a the proper mindset, focus, and resilience for your position.
  • Physical component: Enhancing speed, agility, strength, and endurance
  • Technical component: Mastering ball control, passing, shooting, and other technical skills
  • Tactical component: Understanding game strategies, actions, and decision-making on the field.

Professional Player Analysis

The Professional Player Analysis module offers an exciting opportunity for players to study and analyze the techniques and tactics employed by professional players. Through video analysis and breakdowns, players will gain valuable insights into the playing styles, decision-making, and key attributes of top-level players. This module inspires players to learn from the best and incorporate elite-level strategies into their own game.

  • Studying techniques and movements made by professional players
  • Analyzing playing styles, decision-making, and key attributes of top-level players
  • Incorporating top-level strategies into personal gameplay for improved performance

I'm Miguelangel Grande Jr

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of traveling the world, learning valuable life lessons through the game of football.

In 2016, I decided to share my experiences, expertise, and deep passion for football. Since then, I've successfully launched and established a training business catering to players of all ages and professional levels. With a combined social media following of over 240,000, I connect with footballers worldwide, helping them improve their skills, master the game, and achieve their goals.

Over the years, I've trained clients who have excelled at international levels, including MLS, USL Championship, NISA, Premier League academies, and more. My goal is to not only shape well-rounded athletes but also nurture exceptional individuals.

Join me on this incredible journey as we strive for footballing excellence. Together, we'll unlock your full potential and take your game to new heights. Welcome to the Complete Field Player:Mastering All Positions! 

"My favorite things about The Complete Field Player:Mastering All Positions is the structure and the accurate information that is delivered about the functions that each position has."

- Nicolas Munoz

"This business is the absolute top tier in the industry!! Miguelangel and his team do an amazing job of really treating each player the best possible way that they can!"

- Mukor Harris 

"I’ve grown so much through the past year and ever since I've worked with Miguelangel my game has changed on a whole new level and I continue to grow every day through his guidance. Amazing coach!

- Lamia Alsudeary